Giada de Laurentiis; Dr. Oz; Prosciutto-Wrapped Prunes and Topricin….what do we all have in common?

We’re all in the December issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine, found on newsstands November 24.

Find us in the “Gift Yourself Guide – The Better Body!” where we recommend you pop on over to CVS or Walgreens to grab some Topricin Foot Therapy Cream. From swollen ankles while traveling to achy feet from holiday party high-heels – you’ll need it!

We also truly admire Giada for opening up about her difficult divorce in her interview for the magazine and applaud her strength. Says Giada about being single…. “I can do things now. If the water heater breaks, I can handle it…. It’s moments like those that wake you up and make you think, ‘Oh, my gosh, I can take care of myself.’ Every challenge is an opportunity to become stronger and believe in yourself more. That’s what it’s about: believing in yourself.”

We all experience pain in our life and that’s when you turn to family and friends to feel better…..and towards Topricin and your doctor if it’s physical pain.  Speaking of Doctors, we’ve actually had two members of Team Topricin featured on The Dr. Oz Show.  Check-out our Michelle in the video below!

Michelle on the Dr. Oz Show