So that just happened….ouch!! Spilled your coffee, all over your skin…burning; swelling; Pure PAIN!

Luckily, you have MyPainAway After-Burn Cream in your car. Instantly soothes, reduces scar and swelling, prevents blisters, promotes quick healing.

Scald Injury Statistics: According to the Center for Disease Control and prevention, approximately 1.1 million people are treated for burn injuries every year. Of all burns requiring hospitalization, 38-58% are because of hot liquids or steam. People over the age of sixty-five are at an elevated risk, accounting for close to 9000 emergency room visits for scalds every year.

Greater than three-quarters of burn injuries occur in the home, and about two-thirds are female victims. The most common cause for scald injuries are hot foods and beverages (42%), followed by hot water or steam (30%). Hot coffee is blamed for about 15% of all nonfatal scald.

To The Rescue: Aurora Paradise, chief operations officer, says, “I and my Topical BioMedics, Inc team love our coffee! So when one of us, suffers a burn from a coffee mishap or from heating our lunch in the toaster oven I am grateful that we have our safe, natural MyPainAway After-Burn Cream in our kitchen and on our desks to instantly stop the pain and help heal our skin.”

MyPainAway After-Burn Cream treats burns, blisters, and scars in one product – Changing The Way we Treat Burn Pain.

So pour that second cup without worry….you are covered from cup-to-cup with our cream!

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