This past Sunday, we celebrated the 70th Birthday of  our Founder/CEO/President/Formulator and most importantly Friend/Father/Husband to our COO Aurora Paradise/and Leader in the medical community – having formulated a healing technology that reduces people’s need/dependency on all classifications of OTC and Rx chemical pain medications, including opioids.

Our Lou Paradise has saved many lives and given hope and quality of life to so many more. He is an American Hero, a Marine Corps helicopter combat and rescue veteran serving two rotations in Vietnam. Mr. Paradise is very modest about his combat service but his many decorations are for bravery in combat and rescue missions of wounded solders’, sailors, and fellow Marine’s and humanitarian rescues of Vietnamese civilians.

Lou Young Marine 1

And for more than twenty years, Mr. Paradise has been on a mission to help as many veterans as possible.

Our team wanted to give back to one who gives so much, and the best way we thought how was to make him laugh [along with tickets to The Broadway Production of The Color Purple with Jennifer Hudson since Mr. Paradise is also an extremely talented singer and performer!] so we created a video of thanks – funky and fun like our leader [who has been known to show up to meetings in costume!] Watch Video HERE!!


And the coolest fact of the birthday night is that we learned that Carl Perkins recorded Blue Suede Shoes on Mr. Paradise’s birthday December 17th.  Not only that, Mr. Perkins, who passed away in 1998, actually reached out to Lou because Topricin was so effective in his life – helping heal aches and pains for him and his wife. In fact, he sent Lou this hand written note below.



Cheers to One Cool CEO!  You are Loved by Team Topricin.