Now imagine being in the military as many people can and being part of an elite Marine Corps helicopter medivac rescue combat squadron, part of a group of dedicated people who fly into the most dangerous war zones to help rescue our soldiers, airman, and fellow Marines and civilians in harm’s way. Marines off a hilltop, Marines off the side of a mountain, pilots down in the ocean, or exposed to enemy fire on a beach or positions being overrun. Imagine what it is like for all of you out there who know this scenario how hard it is to lift and move somebody that’s been wounded that can’t move on their own, vulnerable scared and in pain. I did hundreds of these missions.

During the worst monsoon season in the same region this dedicated band of brother Marines, rescued 1700 Vietnamese civilians; infants to elders from raging flood waters winds and rain blowing the helicopter all over the place, being lowered by hoist to people struggling to stay alive; little kids, infants elders floating in the river of water on trees or thatch roof tops and we were at this two days November 10th the Marine Corps birthday and November 11th. And as exhausting as we were seeing those little guys down there in trouble, no way were we not going down to get them no one was going to be left behind, and oh yeah and one other little challenge we were still being shot at. The tears and joy of the elders and little ones holding on to me for dear life knowing they were okay after they thought they would die is a feeling you can’t describe. I did this with a great crew a no quit can do Marine team and we did all these things; pulling people off the mountain, out of the ocean, off the beaches or raging flood waters, into our helicopters and got them to safety, and we were not done until every soul was rescued and got the help they needed, and we did this without a moment of doubt because this is what we signed up for, and we are very proud and honored that we did our duty because to us it was what being an American is all about; people first, last and always . What we didn’t realize, I didn’t realize that the very nature of these extreme physical efforts required to perform at the highest level of service, in the end would take such a toll on our bodies from the physical and mental demands, and in my case trauma injuries I would suffer later on after military service.

Like so many of us that have served in the military your body would pay the price for all the stretches and strains impact trauma pulling tearing injuries to the joints muscles and nerves. The energy dynamics of muscles stretched to their limits, compressing nerves, nerves being stretched and hitting against bones and the residual pain of this, became my life after military service. And now like all of you I am faced with a severe level of pain, and the typical choice go to doctor who say yeah you were in the military, the VA says yeah you were in combat rescue duty yes you are pain Lou that is because you pulled people off the side of a mountain, wounded soldiers and Marines off hilltops, off beaches and out the ocean so yeah you are going to be in pain. So what is the answer then to that, yes you are in pain then what? And those of you who are listening know, you go to the doctor and they say yeah you got nerve in juries over here, the bones in your joints pressing or compressing the nerves over here, muscle bone impact injuries, or maybe you are someone newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia, arthritis, lower back pain, and now at a choice point. Am I going to follow the conventional surrender by treating symptoms but not the cause of my pain and go down the slippery slope of side effects and addiction versus a healing journey out of this misery?

So with my intuition and knowledge of physiology natural medicine and a can do no quit attitude it struck me I have to create my own solution yeah maybe it will be something that had never been created before. To take what I know about TCM and acupuncture, chiropractic, massage what I learned as a kid from my Italian grandma from Asian friends we made in the war zone elders and others, I challenged myself in spite of the pain to come up with something better. So out of my own suffering of pain and desperation for relief and just plain pizzazz and determination matching the energy of necessity always the mother of invention out of the pangs of my pain experience entering through to my healing journey Topricin was born.

No Pain No Drugs And this is how a healing journey begins, restoring my own hope and quality of life so I could to the same for the millions of people suffering to have the same results. And doesn’t everyone suffering now deserve the peace of mind, I can get better, I don’t have to live in pain and be a prisoner of pain and side effects. I can get my life back and the only side effects restored hope and quality of life so I can do the things I love with the people I love. WOW.