Chronic Pain and those suffering from pain medication addiction are finally getting the much deserved attention worthy of the 21st century epidemic of our time. The recent light on the crisis is driven by Daniel Barnz-directed new film “Cake,” to officially be released in late January and starring notable actress Jennifer Aniston.

Ms. Aniston portrayal of chronic pain is reviewed as exceptional and she is currently up for outstanding performance by a female actor in a leading role at The Screen Actors Guild Awards, Critics’ Choice Awards, and The Golden Globes. She is also predicted to receive an Academy Awards nomination.

In the film, Aniston plays Claire Simmons, a woman suffering from chronic pain with scars running up and down her body. A crucial part of the film transpires within a chronic-pain support group, in which Aniston’s insensitivity to others quickly gets her kicked out of the group. Aniston’s authentic and raw capturing of the life effects that come about with pain medication addiction is resonating nationwide. Her anger, deadened-eyes and bloated appearance truly depict the extreme battle. Says Aniston in an interview with Dr. Oz, “I tried to capture what it would feel like if every movement you made was agonizing and the mental struggle of having no idea how to take the pain away and stop taking pain meds….”

Our company’s purpose and mission is to unravel this deadly web of painkillers and addiction and to help people get their life back. Says Topricin’s formulator Lou Paradise, “Addictive opioid Rx painkillers are killing more than the pain…They are killing the people we love and it’s an epidemic that is turning lives upside down, destroying families, eroding communities, and undermining the very fabric of American society! Many people have asked me how big this problem actually is and are shocked to learn the fact that while the U.S. accounts for only about 5 percent of the world’s population, Americans now consume 99 percent of the world’s Vicodin and 84 percent of its Oxycontin.* And these opioid medications are highly addictive, with unwitting users getting hooked in as little as five days. Yes, the problem is undeniably epidemic. “

We congratulate Ms. Aniston and “Cake’s” entire production team for brilliantly bringing buzz around chronic pain. Topricin will continue to advocate and play a starring role as a viable option and safe alternative to pain medication…ultimately providing hope for true characters suffering with chronic pain.

*The War on Opioids – 05.15.14