We’ve teamed up, as a proud sponsor, with Spartan Races…helping to ease the pain and speed up recovery of dedicated Spartan Race Warriors Worldwide  www.Spartan.com

Recently, Topricin was on-site at The Spartan Race’s Tri-State NJ Super Race event in Vernon, NJ Sept. 5- 7 2014, along with like-spirited organizations including Reebok, Core Power, Air National Guard, and Clif Bar.

Spartan races attract and accept people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels – including people with special needs and children – making it one of the fastest growing pro-health sports in America!!

The four major benefits of Topricin for Spartan participants and all-round Athletes and Active People:

  • Harder and more productive workouts
  • Injury prevention and immediate injury and trauma relief on game/race day
  • Faster recovery after and between events
  • Foot and ankle relief for race volunteers, vendors, and spectators standing all day in support of their Spartan athletes

We look forward to continuing to share and support The Spartan Spirit! Catch us at the next race soon….